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Frank Sarfati


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Frank Sarfati, the principal of S&A, is a banking & finance lawyer specialised in capital-market transactions and – more particularly –  in structured and derivative products, with more than 20 years’ experience as senior legal counsel with major international investment banks such as ABN AMRO London and SOCIETE GENERALE Paris.

Frank is registered as an avocat in France (Barreau de Vannes) and as EU advocaat in the Netherlands and in Luxembourg, practising under his home title, with offices in France, Luxembourg and Utrecht. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of La Sorbonne in 1986, Frank joined Linklaters Paris, where he did part of his training; he also practiced with Allen & Overy London.

After nearly 5 years with CCF & RNB (now HSBC), Frank joined the Capital Markets Division of Société Générale Paris in 1996, to lead first the Emerging Markets and then the Structured Products legal teams, before setting up SocGen’s Lyxor segregated managed-account platform and operating SG’s off-shore issuance hub.

Subsequently, Frank joined ABN- AMRO London in 2002, where he developed actively-managed index- & hedge-fund-linked products, as well as an investment platform similar to that he had previously set up for Société Générale. During his tenure at ABN-AMRO, Frank also set up, advised on, and structured all the transactions of the Institutional and Corporate Clients Derivatives Desk.

S&A was founded in 2010. Since that date, it has been involved in a number securitisation, structured finance and other complex banking and finance transactions.


Irene Epskamp

Juridisch Adviseur

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Irene Epskamp is a Juridisch Adviseur (NLD) and Business Manager of the firm; she is more particularly specialised in the pension fund industry and corporate services, with over 20 years experience with major financial institutions such as PGGM and major auditing firms such as PWC.


Irene has been collaborating since 2013 with S&A as Business Manager of the firm and since 2015 as Juridisch Adviseur (NLD). She’s more particularly in charge of all operational matters regarding the firm, providing execution and follow-up for client transactions. Irene is also in charge of external relationship of S&A.


Irene is also responsible for all compliance matters relevant to the firm and its clients, ranging from ensuring that the firm complies with the Bar rules in France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands to providing all KYC and other compliance due diligence to third parties such as banks or other financial institutions.


Irene is fluent in Dutch, English and German.

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