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Albert Einstein - Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

This equation is possible because "i" is an imaginary number. Imaginary numbers were...imagined in order to solve very real problems. And indeed, imaginary numbers are very real and have resulted in many practical applications: for instance, the device used to  view this website.

In the real world, one size very rarely fits all. Clients come to S&A to find the solution that fits them and expect us to structure it for them.

Structured solutions means imagining the solutions that work for our clients. So just like imaginary numbers, we imagine solutions. This requires the ability to think out of the box and think ahead; and sometimes, it may require a bit of audacity.

Our ability to structure solutions is based on our investment banking and capital markets experience.

The need for structured solutions is very diverse. As diverse as our clients: specific risk allocation, transformation of cash-flows to achieve a particular pay-off; index linked notes allowing the client to hedge in a dynamic way.

Structured solutions may also just mean creating "market access products" allowing an investor to take exposure on an asset or a class of assets e.g. property or trade finance which it would not otherwise be able to take. 

Eventually, clients' problems and issues are our opportunities: they inspire and emulate our creativity.


"Structured Solutions" does not mean complex  or complicated solutions... although sometimes our clients' expectations can be rather challenging.

"Structured Solutions" means that a client may have a very specific goal and objective and we are expected to imagine, conceive and execute the appropriate solution.

"Structured Solutions" may also means combining various elements or parameters in order to deliver the expected result.

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